You say you don’t want to go to jail

Police car with emergency lights

You don’t want to be locked up then why do you do the things you do and why do you say the things you say? You say it’s not fair and it’s inhumane. Well what do you think that the crimes that you are committing are? Should your deeds just go unnoticed and unpunished? Should you just go to jail and be able to walk out. The truth is jail is real; it was originally made to put bad people away for the better of the community. But somewhere along the way the judicial system including the jail system became an economic necessity.

The need for more lawyers, more judges, more district attorneys, more of everything, including more money.  That’s when the Justice scales started to sway. You see it’s simple. You commit crime, police catch criminals, and jails hold criminals. The way it’s supposed to be is bail bondsman gets them out of jail with a financial security attached. The courts try these criminals and either release them to the world or sentence them to the jail. It’s one big circle or revolving door as I like to call it.

Times have changed drastically and the way things are done have changed drastically as well. The jails began to get over crowded and the answer was set them free. The ACLU and pretrial services groups wanted to step in and cut out the middle man and basically pull a magic trick showing where some money is coming from to where more will be taken from. Let’s face it the bail bondsman is a necessity in the judicial system. The constitution says bail is a right given to the people and we need to give it a chance; these new methods are taking that chance away.

In one of my last articles and documentaries I did for National Geographic they called me the modern day slave trader and one of the most disturbed people that they had ever met. They made that statement because I suit up and become a preventative measure against court violators daily. Is it because I do something so bad as putting bad people in jail. What makes me so bad? The entities that be want to let everyone go without any guarantee, and that has proven not to work. So you be the judge, because last time I checked when your car got stolen or your house got broken into, it wasn’t ghost busters you called. It was the police. And you wanted justice.

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