What are you willing to give up?

So many days, I am asked by people, how I become a bounty hunter. I look at these people with the strangest of looks. Who in their right mind would want to do such a job? It has so many bad qualities and causes so much personal damage, but out of politeness, I entertain the conversation, knowing eventually I as well as the other elders will be gone and the show must go on.  And with that, we do need to make sure that we have the right people, with the right training and mental capability, to take out in the field. There are different areas of this field I go on to explain. There is the bail bond side and the bounty hunter side or fugitive recovery, whatever you may choose to call it. Me, I call it what it is and I won’t sugar coat it for anyone. You may choose to do one or both sides but the one I’m asked about is the hunting side the most. Well you need to get used to long days that turn into nights that turn into days that turn into weeks, so on and so on. You won’t live your life by a clock or a calendar anymore you live your life one or many skips at a time if you are lucky. The curious ask “do I get to kick in doors”? My response is always the same, do you want to stay alive long, I would be careful about what you choose to do. They ask do you make good money, I answer sure it’s decent money, but it’s not guaranteed and is a performance based business. And there is always someone looking to underbid you. Don’t sell yourself short. Know your worth and stick to it. That’s my advice.

Now can I ask you a question? Why do you want to do what I do? What are you willing to give up?

At the end of the day a hunter’s life is like a country song, without even realizing it, you’ve lost the wife or girlfriend, the house the dog the truck and everything in between. Because it takes a special kind of person to deal with what we do, and most can’t. I know this for a fact because I’ve had to start over 5 times in 20 years. So I’ve given up everything. If that is not your answer, I would kindly say to you, you need to find another career. This is not just a job, but yes this is a way of life.


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