The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

The Pendulum Swings both Ways

February 4, 2019
Scott MacLean

We have a two-party political system that is going through an identity crisis of late. I will preface this by saying that I do not wish to be governed by the far left or the far right, and that no political party defines me. That said, both parties are experiencing mixed messaging.

The Blue Dog Democrats of old are gone, and they were concisely described as fiscal conservatives with a social conscious. Instead, we have far left socialists who can’t spend somebody else’s money fast enough. They have no viable message other than free everything. They are taking over the old guard power brokers in the party that seem to only be focused on obstructing.

The old Republicans have their own identity crisis. They have the old stuffed shirt group hell bent on holding on to diminished power and the Trump followers who are described as the blue collar deplorables. They don’t understand how Trump was elected and will experience the same disdain in 2020.

Regardless, both are excellent excuses for why we need term limitations. We have intelligent capable people on both sides of the isle, that are being discouraged from running for public office. You have to play ball with the elite, pay your dues, literally, and wait your turn.

There are many issues that need to be addressed, that don’t have to be divided politically, and the electorate want to see get done. We need responsible judicial reform, as opposed to criminal justice reform. We need to allow felons that have paid their debt to society to be able to become employable, or we simply relegate them to becoming career criminals. We need affordable health care accessibility, absent any penalty for opting out. We need to encourage academic success for all people, regardless of income. We need to encourage entrepreneurial opportunities, especially in neighborhoods that are declining. We need trade schools as an opportunity for those that college is not a viable option.

These are just some rambling thoughts to get us focused back on what matters and less on political divide. I am sincerely interested in feedback and conversation on these and more topics. Hopefully, we can learn that far less divides us as responsible adults than we are being told by the media.

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