New Badge & Bail Magazine

Badge & Bail Magazine is the first of its kind for the bail industry. There are many publications that focus on weaponry, law enforcement, security, gardening and a world of other topics, but there was nothing for the bail bonding and bail recovery industries. After a lot of research and hours of information building we decided to first create the website.

The online version of Badge & Bail Magazine has been laid out to bring news to our readers in the most effective way possible. Each article is written with the intention of teaching our readers something new about the bail bond industry. Each main topic such as, legislation, bail bonding, bail enforcement, and technology will be easy to find and search for articles that may help with training and teaching. As a compliment to the website we will also be providing weekly newsletters so our subscribers can see the latest news all in one location if they don’t have the time to browse the website. If there is breaking news we will issue immediate bulletins to insure our readers know what is happening as fast as we can report the news.

Our articles will not be written exclusively for the men and women that work in the bail profession but for the general public that has an interest in how things work. Understanding that bail is a constitutional right and that bail bondsman have been helping people exercise that right for centuries is an important fact. With the mass media carrying stories from groups wanting to put an end to bail bonds we want to attempt and set an equal ground by explaining how the industry actually operates without the negativity and misinformation being issued by others.

As you look through our site we hope you will see the various interactive tools we have added. We have made it easy for people to submit news tips to Badge & Bail while remaining anonymous, as well as a simple signup form for the newsletter. We provide calendars that will have events listed across the nation from associations, political groups, court hearings (regarding the industry) and much more. We will keep working hard to add new features as the need presents itself.

Badge & Bail Magazine is not a political entity nor will we attempt to choose any sides with the news we report. Each of our writers will remain neutral and write only about the topics without showing any animosity towards other groups. It is our primary intention to enable the reader to take the article or story and make it what they need it to be.

Ultimately Badge & Bail Magazine understands that it is you the reader, that is the most important part of what makes us. We will strive to keep each reader engaged and excited about our releases, news articles, training articles and editorials.

We encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so the never miss a break news story or emergency bulletin. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting the industry and our magazine.

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