The Keys to Freedom

Bear Scott, Bail Enforcement Agent
Southern California

Recently, I heard a politician and “community leader” discussing the need for more gun control.  Their response to concerns over the Second Amendment were centered on how we don’t, “need to hunt now, like they did back then”.  During this time in our nation, we are reflecting on not only the tragedy of some current events, but also on the wonder of the birth of our nation, so this point they presented made me contemplate their meaning. When those commentators think back to our founding fathers, do they think of a group of hunters?  For that matter as you, the reader, reads this article on your phone or other device, do you think of those first patriots as “hunters”, or do you manifest in your mind’s eye, a group of courageous citizens willing to take up arms to fight for the basic rights they were denied?  Sure they hunted, that was simply a part of life back then, but that is not what made them special.  Hunting is not what made them the catalyst for what would one day become one of the greatest nations on Earth.  What made them special was their willingness to fight for what was right, and that required the use of firearms or “guns”.  Without guns, our forefathers could not have achieved their lofty goals of freedom from the most powerful crown of their age and the right to control their own destiny.  So with that in mind, do you truly believe that the Second Amendment is about hunting?  Do you think that these brave people that risked their lives to gain the right to forge their own future would have included in the document meant to guide the rest of us after them, a clause to ensure we could hunt?  Hunting was as common then, as it is for us to go to the grocery store today.  If you were in the same position as they were, would you include a clause in the Bill of Rights to ensure that people had a right to go to the grocery store?  I think not.

However, what they did intend, was to make sure that their citizens would forever be prepared to do what it was that they were doing back then…fight tyranny.  That meant that the general citizenry needed the right to be armed and not some minor right buried in the text of some random law.  No, our Forefathers, were so clear on their intention for us to have the right to be armed, that they wrote it in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States of America, and not as some afterthought either.  The Right to Bear Arms is the SECOND Amendment, right up there at the top.  Also, it is arguably the most plainly worded amendments there is.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Take the time to really look at that previous text.  It could not be more simple, yet time and time again, our politicians continue to attack that basic fundamental right, outright ignoring the part that clearly says, “shall not be infringed”.  The result of their attempts to erode our rights is seen all too often. Time and time again, citizens are being preyed upon by the monsters in our society with no real way to defend themselves from harm.

Yes, guns have been and will be used in tragedies by bad people around the world and in this great nation of ours.  Every time one of these horrific events occur our hearts and souls cry out in response and we naturally want to do something.  Taking away a fundamental right that our founding fathers meant for us to have in order to defend the security of the very nation they fought to win, is not the answer.  Even if they were successful in taking away that right, it would still not address the cause of these tragedies, only the tool used by them.  Without one tool, a person determined to achieve a goal, will simply use another tool. Think about something for a minute, if you want to install a small nail, but you either can’t find or do not have a hammer; would you not use the flat of a heavy monkey wrench, another heavy tool, or even a rock?  It’s one of the things that set us apart from the other animals, we don’t just use tools we improvise their use.  If we don’t have what we want, we make do with what we have. That is exactly what these sick individuals have and will continue to do.  Please remember, Columbine occurred during the previous Assault Weapons ban, they used racing fuel and fertilizer in Oklahoma City, and as recently as December 2012, a knife was used to attack 22 children at a school in China. It does not matter what the government bans, committed evil will use whatever they can get their hands on to fulfil their harmful intent. The government can’t be everywhere to protect us when this happens but they can, and SHOULD allow us to adequately protect ourselves.  Laws made that infringe on our fundamental right to bear arms do not protect us from harm, they simply violate our rights and make us more vulnerable to tyranny and aggression both foreign and domestic in origination.

As we approach our nation’s date of birth and as we remember how our freedom was forged in the fires of the American Revolution, take time to remember those that fought and died for your rights. Use that memory to fuel your own fire, and stand up for those rights bought by the lifeblood of those that came before you. Do not lie down while the representatives you sent to our capitals work against those rights. Write them by letter or email; call them at both of their offices. Tell them, at Town Halls and hearings. If that doesn’t work, then I suggest it is time to remind them they are a government, “Of the People, By the People, and For the People”, and VOTE THEM OUT of office. We must do this, because if tyranny and oppression are the iron doors that restrain the liberty of citizens, then guns are indeed the keys to freedom, and as long as we retain those keys in our possession then we shall never again be locked away by those that would seek to subjugate the people of this great nation of ours.

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