Florida Bail Bondsman Murdered at Office

June 19, 2018
Orlando, Florida

On April 20, 2018 Bail Bondsman, James Cole, was found murdered in his office located in Orlando Florida. Family members had contacted the police and requested they check out the office due to Mr. Cole’s failure to answer phone calls which was very odd. Upon arrival the police located James Cole inside the bail office of “The Bondsman, Inc”, deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.

Early in the investigation homicide detectives were able to secure security footage from a camera installed inside the business. Due to the evidence gathered at the scene detectives believed that Cole was specifically targeted by a perpetrator known to him. Later in the evening the Sheriff’s Office released the photo of a person of interest (later identified as James Arnold) and the possible vehicle being driven.

Person of Interest photo released by Sheriff’s Office

The next day, James Arnold was seen acting strangely in the area of West Grant Street in Orlando, Florida. The 79 year old complainant advised that Arnold was walking around a property that he did not live at and was mumbling to himself incoherently. Arnold was also described as “acting frantic every time someone approached” according to the deputy’s affidavit. When deputies arrived they established contact with Arnold they learned he had an outstanding warrant for violating his probation for an aggravated assault and drug charges and was taken into custody.

During the investigation detectives learned that Cole had signed an $8000 bond to secure Arnold’s release just four days before the shooting. It was learned that another bonding company had originally gotten Arnold out on bond but had removed themselves from the original bond due to the defendant leaving Orange County and being found in Kissimmee, Fl.

James Arnold was formally charged with the murder of James Cole in May and is being held on a no bond hold. The charges listed are 2nd degree Murder (with firearm), Robbery (with firearm), Armed burglary of conveyance (with firearm).

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