Emotions that Scar

Bounty Hunters Walking

“Tat-2 Talks”

You say I’m crazy, why do you look me as such. I am merely a man that gets up day or night to do a job most will not. One where it’s ridiculed, cursed and looked down upon daily, but has proven to be an essential part of the judicial system.

Why do you believe I am crazy? What makes you or anyone any different than me? Don’t I have feelings and problems as well? I am human and hurt and bleed just like you do. So what makes us so different?

Is it because I choose to go out and search for the evils you fear or call on someone else to handle? Is it because we go into neighborhoods and places that most will not? Is it because I go into houses and take people and bring them to jail whether it be day light or the pitch dark of night?

Is that why you say I am crazy?

I want you to realize that I accept you for the person you are and that you have problems, but yet you forget about mine and expect me to wear an “S” on my shirt. Do you understand that every time I go off in search of people hiding from justice, I leave my family at home to defend your family while you sleep? I have the same daily life struggles and rewards as you but when I’m out there working I have to conceal my problems in order to take on all of yours as well. During my daily work shifts and interacting with about 50 people or so a day, and all their problems, even the strongest of people have a breaking point. So next time you ask if I’m crazy remember that if you were dying I would be holding your hand saying it’ll be alright, it’ll be alright; and when you come to me and ask how your children will eat while your loved one is in jail, I will try to help you find assistance. All the while putting my problems on the back burner and tending to you. You being the one that matters the most during that critical time, because when the eyes of fate are upon you, no one wants to be alone. Please remember that I am human like you and I have problems just as you and want to go home to my family as you do and if the tables were turned yes I would want you there holding my hand in the face of death. So the next time you say I’m crazy look at it through my eyes and you just might see another way; because then you will see the scars that have been left and the scars continuing to cut, no matter what I have going on at that moment and time. Crazy is not the right word, a man that chooses this path is far from crazy, the better defining word would be insanity, and insanity is best defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome. Think about that for just a while.

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