Battle for Bail

April 1, 2019 R.E. "Scott" MacLean III

Having attended the Heritage Foundation’s “Bail Policy Summit” representing the National Association of Fugitive Recovery Agents, I came away with a completely different understanding. Some of the things we believe, or that I have believed […]

Hunting at Embassies

August 26, 2018 R.E. "Scott" MacLean III

Scott MacLean 08/26/2018 In the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, we have some strange obstacles. Like those that interact with Indian Reservations, Embassies are the sovereign territory of the country they represent. It does not matter […]

A Study of Extradition

July 26, 2018 R.E. "Scott" MacLean III

There has been allot of discussion lately about extradition processes from states that have either no commercial bail, or outlaw bounty hunting. Not popular, but I believe that what applies under color of law is […]

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