Bounty Hunter involved in Shootout

Photo of crime scene tape

Madison County, Alabama
July 13, 2018

*At the request of the bounty hunter that was interviewed for this story his only his first name will be used.

On June 18,2018 a 14 year veteran Bounty Hunter Mike and his team had located a defendant, Courtney Adam Thompson, in Madison County, Alabama, who was wanted on Felony Receiving Stolen Property charges. During the course of their investigation to locate Thompson a family friend had advised Mike that Thompson had made a threatening statement. It was reported that Thompson stated “They will have to kill me before I go back to prison”. Thompson was inside his vehicle as Mike and the other bounty hunters approached him where he refused to exit. One of the other hunters attempted to break out the driver side window to allow Mike to deploy a Taser when Thompson began driving forward. Mike was struck by the vehicle and sustained two broken ribs. Mike attempted to stop the vehicle by discharging his firearm into the front tires causing both of them to deflate. Thompson also began firing from inside the vehicle towards the direction of the bounty hunters but failed to hit anyone. Thompson is reported to have fired multiple shots through his rear window. Mike stated “In all my years I never had to discharge my weapon before”.

Thompson drove his vehicle away from the scene and the bounty hunters began to follow him. As Thompson began to increase his speed Mike stated they slowed down as they do not have authority to become involved in pursuits. The bounty hunters were able to keep following Thompson’s direction of travel due to the damage the exposed rims were causing to the pavement. When they finally located the abandon vehicle the police were already on scene and conducting an investigation. Mike stated that the Ardmore Police and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office were both present at the vehicle location and that a firearm was recovered from inside but Thompson had already fled the area.

On July 5th, 2018 the Giles County (TN) Sheriff’s Department received information that Thompson was located in their county. Thompson had active warrants in Giles County as well as Madison and Coffee Counties in Alabama. The Sheriff activated the special response team and they went to the location the informant had given them. Thompson was located and taken into custody without incident as were two additional females that were with him; both had unrelated warrants for violation of probation.

Thompson is currently in the Giles County Jail facing charges of Theft of Property, Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Methamphetamine for Resale, Simple Possession/Casual Exchange, Firearm used in Dangerous Felony, Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon. His bonds have been set at $172, 000. Warrant holds have been placed on Thompson from the Alabama counties that have been looking for him.

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