Occupied Vehicle Approach

March 18, 2019 Jim Evancho

One of the most dangerous events that can occur is to approach an occupied vehicle. Although bail enforcement agents can’t initiate traffic stops there are often times when agents follow a defendant until they reach […]

Ambush Attacks, Assaults, and Death

February 11, 2019 Jim Evancho

February 11, 2019 Jim Evancho Life and Death 2018 saw an increase in line of duty deaths for law enforcement. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund there were 144 line of duty […]

Collaboration within an Industry

February 5, 2019 Jim Evancho

February 5, 2019 Jim Evancho The Issues The bail bonding industry is under an aggressive attack by different groups with the same desired results, to end bail bonding as we know it. Groups such as […]

Bondsman Shooter in Custody

October 18, 2018 Jim Evancho

10:24pm 10/18/2018 Jim Evancho Sometime around 9:00 pm Malik London, the suspected shooter of Vincent Vinet, during an bail recovery attempt has turned himself into authorities. Wayne Lozier, Vincent Vinet, and Steven Washington were attempting […]

Update on Bondsman Shooting In LA

October 18, 2018 Jim Evancho

10/18/2018 8:19 pm Jim Evancho UPDATE: Two of the agents involved in the shooting earlier today in New Orleans, Louisiana are Wayne Lozier and Vincent Vinet. The third agent has not yet been identified. Vincent […]

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