1 Million Dollar Bond reduced to ROR – Suspect now on the run

February 22, 2019
Jim Evancho

On February 12, 2019 Badge & Covered a story from Tuscarawas County, Ohio about a group of people that were arrested for robbing and shooting a drug dealer during a transaction [Attempted Murder – Robbery – Free Without Bail]. One of the suspects,  Ian A. Cultrona, was originally given a $1 million dollar bond which was later reduced by the court to “Release Own Recognizance”. One of the bond conditions was the defendant had to wear an ankle monitor and report to pretrial services.

Ian Cultrona - Wanted
Ian A. Cultrona – Wanted Fugitive

Sometime after his release Cultrona removed the ankle monitor and has been hiding from authorities since then. The Tuscarawas County Sheriffs Office issued a public statement via their social media page (Facebook) advising a new felony warrant has been issued for his arrest regarding the unlawful flight.

If you have any information about the location of Cultrona please contact the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office at 330-339-2000

The Side Effect of Bail Reform Movement

Bail had been set very high for this dangerous criminal, but due to bail reform it was reduced to the honor system. Now the taxpayers of Tuscarawas County will be footing the bill for the massive search that will be conducted to find a person they already had in custody. The Sheriffs Office will have investigators assigned to finding this man again, instead of looking for other wanted people. The victim in this case must now be concerned for his safety knowing the person accused of orchestrating the crime where he was shot, is now on the loose.

When people commit crimes and do not have any accountability or responsibility they will often abscond and not show up to face their charges. To allow a person accused of multiple dangerous felonies resulting in someone being shot to be released based on the honor system is bad for every law abiding citizen in the country.

The original and this follow up was brought to the attention of Badge & Bail Magazine by Rick Hall who works with AA American Bail Bonds out of Galion, Ohio.

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